Thursday, April 19, 2012


What is it like to have telepathy? What does a person ‘see’ in their minds when they pick up telepathic signals? Can a person really read other people’s thoughts, word for word?

I always believed that telepathy meant that thoughts could be read verbatim, as though the psychic was hearing them being spoken. But while researching some of the more famous psychics, I realized that this isn’t normally the case.

More often than not, telepathic mind-reading comes through as feelings and impressions, often more visual than aural. And although some people have such strong psychic abilities that they can accurately and clearly discern a person’s thoughts, most others rely on a more intuitive approach.

Remote-viewing, which is a scientifically standardized method of clairvoyance, is more like the average person’s telepathic abilities. Remote-viewing entails a method of picking up information in bits and pieces that flash on the ‘mental screen’, and these build into a more formal picture or impression as they note them down. Only after a remote-viewer has become more familiar with detecting these flashes of information and getting a feel for the process, do they become more proficient. But rarely do they ever develop their abilities to the point that they can see the full target. The same is true for telepathy, and few psychics have the ability to pick up what a person is thinking, word for word.

Most psychics who perform on stage rely on very simple impressions, such as asking someone to think of a number, name, or image, which they try to pick up. Or they will simply relate whatever impressions they receive, such as a person’s feelings or the basic content of their thoughts. This can be seen when a psychic relates such things as the recent death of someone who was close to the person, or the hope that the person has of getting a job they recently applied for. These types of thoughts are picked up because there is a lot of emotional content behind them, and the type of emotion can help to guide the psychic in determining the fuller content of their thoughts. Besides the emotion, they might also pick up the flash of an image, such as a funeral procession or a busy office environment. They might also pick up a simple word or two, such as ‘dad’ or ‘job’. Many stage psychics rely on building up the fuller content of what a person is thinking by seeking feedback on each piece of information they receive, which tells them if they’re on the right track. Feedback is very important in developing psychic abilities, and is a standard part of the remote-viewing process.

All of us have some telepathic or clairvoyant abilities. Most of us just don’t recognize it. The fact that we rely so strongly on other mental skills to get by in life has allowed our natural psychic abilities to wither from disuse. But this doesn’t mean that they aren’t there and can’t be developed. It’s really just a matter of learning how to shut out the habitual thinking modes and paying more attention to what occurs when you do.

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