Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Testing Remote Viewing and Psi Ability: Experiment #2

My second attempt at remote-viewing was similar to the first, and the results were just as amazing. I asked a friend to take a piece of paper and to draw something simple on it and leave it in her room at a specific location, and after a few hours I would attempt to psychically determine what it was and draw what I sensed.

When I was ready, I sat down and just took note of what immediate visual impressions came to my mind, and drew them on paper. I ignored any impressions that came through too clearly, knowing that the psychic information that came through wasn't likely to be so accurate, and assuming that these impressions I ignored were probably from my imagination. I spent very little time at this task, only a minute or two, and drew a circle and then another much smaller circle at its center. After another few seconds I got the impulse to add two diagonal lines that crossed through the larger circle from bottom left to top right, and these passed just outside of the smaller circle, to either side of it. 

When I later received the target drawing, it was revealed to be a simple heart shape with an arrow piercing through it. The arrow was drawn diagonally, from bottom left to top right. The fact that I had drawn an object (the larger circle) with its center marked (the smaller circle) and something crossing through it at the angle I did is a remarkable similarity to what the target drawing actually was. This experiment certainly boosted my confidence in the ability to receive fairly accurate information through even the simplest remote-viewing procedures. 

One thing of note should be made. The person I had make this second target drawing is a very emotionally sensitive person who I have a certain level of rapport with, and this may have enhanced the ability to send/receive information psychically. 

As you can see, my second attempt at remote viewing was an improvement over the first attempt, requiring less time and effort and through a single drawing attempt, rather than several. Although these are the only tests I've done so far, they reveal to me that remote viewing works, and that the average person can develop these abilities and improve them with continued experience, and through an understanding of the processes involved. I recommend Ingo Swann's book for anybody wishing to learn and experiment in these activities. The first test raised my confidence in my abilities, and I believe that this was reflected in the greater success in the second attempt, even though they were conducted almost two years apart. Confidence and belief in the potential ability to do this are clearly important factors in succeeding. 

I'll be posting something pertaining to the power of belief later on. Stay tuned...

Anthony Forwood

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